Welcome to CacheControl’s documentation!#

CacheControl is a port of the caching algorithms in httplib2 for use with the requests session object.

It was written because httplib2’s better support for caching is often mitigated by its lack of thread-safety. The same is true of requests in terms of caching.


CacheControl is available from PyPI. You can install it with pip

$ pip install CacheControl

Some of the included cache storage classes have external requirements. See Storing Cache Data for more info.

Quick Start#

For the impatient, here is how to get started using CacheControl:

import requests

from cachecontrol import CacheControl

sess = requests.session()
cached_sess = CacheControl(sess)

response = cached_sess.get('http://google.com')

This uses a thread-safe in-memory dictionary for storage.


The tests are all in cachecontrol/tests and are runnable by py.test.


CacheControl is relatively new and might have bugs. I have made an effort to faithfully port the tests from httplib2 to CacheControl, but there is a decent chance that I’ve missed something. Please file bugs if you find any issues!

With that in mind, CacheControl has been used sucessfully in production environments, replacing httplib2’s usage.

If you give it a try, please let me know of any issues.


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